Annual Community Gathering

    In May 2023, SHCLA convened elected officials, board & care operators/residents, and members of the community to learn more about SHCLA's project, which has the potential to radically transform how we house and care for individuals with serious mental health issues.

    The event allowed attendees to learn more about how they can partner with SHCLA to help create a brighter future for those with mental health issues. As quoted by one member of SHCLA: "Our goal is simple - we want everyone living with mental health issues across Alameda County to have access to stable housing and supportive services that allow them to live dignified lives."

    SHCLA works with families to purchase interests in homes (e.g., lifetime leases or cooperatives) and partners with board and care operators to prevent their closure and expand their operations (master lease or affordable homeownership). By reducing the cost of real estate for property owners and renters, SHCLA increases the opportunity to operate supportive housing more sustainably in the long term for the community's benefit.

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    May 20th

    We invite you  to join us at Oakland Museum of California in 2024:

    • Participate in activities to learn more about the SHCLA mission

    Connect with members of your local community
    • Engage in meaningful conversations about innovative housing solutions
    • Share your insights and help advance the conversation around housing justice
    • Receive valuable information about how you can be part of our supportive housing initiatives
    • Sponsor the event

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    “I want housing that feels safe.”

    - Alameda County peer