Our services

The Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (SHCLA) will serve as a groundbreaking nonprofit organization that will ease the housing crisis for people living with serious mental health challenges in Alameda County, with an intentional focus on equity and inclusion in our operations and policies. The SHCLA will create stable and affordable homes, integrate compassionate and caring supportive services, and invite tenants to participate in the direction of their property and the organization.

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Property Management

Our property management team aligns with supportive services staff to ensure tenants sustain stable housing.

Property Maintenance

Because SHCLA retains ownership of the land, it maintains an interest in maintenance of the structures and property.

Homeowner Stewardship

SHCLA provides education and support to homeowners so they can responsibly manage and improve their homes.

Resident Support

SHCLA develops partnerships with local supportive service providers to ensure housing stability for individuals with multiple, chronic, complex needs.

Community Relations

SHCLA builds relationships with neighbors, to collaborate and partner with neighborhood communities.

Resident Organizing

Residents will be encouraged to participate in governance of their property, as well as provide feedback and guidance for the organization.

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"I would like to see support services where people can feel comfortable advocating for themselves."

- Oakland Peer Resident